University Without Tears

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Published Date Written by Arnold Nana Kouayep

I want to help you (and/or your child) KNOW where to go.

Not all universities are accredited or equipped to offer every course.

Sadly, some university administrators are taking on courses they lack the qualifications and/or resources to competently deliver value to students.

Yet they make students pay substantial sums for 3 or more years, only to learn it was a waste.

You need to choose wisely - and that requires knowing what to look for. I can help you with that.

This is important because it would be a disaster to spend 4 years in a private university only to get back to find your qualification is not recognized!

Click here to continue reading on the website of the International University & Polytechnic of Benin, where I serve as a Director of Admissions (browser opens in a new window).

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