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If you want to succeed in business or life, you need help from a mentor who has gone ahead of you, and who knows what it takes. Nana's one on one life/business mentoring offers you access to his years of experience based wisdom.

You WILL Learn:

a. How to raise the finance need for your business

b. Simple steps for putting together a winning business plan

c. Smart techniques for managing your cash flow successfully

d. How to find the right (business) partner

e. Techniques for staff recruitment and retention etc.

But you MUST qualify to work with Nana i.e You must demonstrate to him that you have what it takes to do what he tells you, how he tells you, so you can get the results you want i.e. success.

To find out if you qualify for his mentoring, therefore, Nana has a special "test" you must pass. If you're keen, send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and then call +229-96004538 to book an appointment to speak with him about what is required to take that test.

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The Secret to Winning Unsolicited Sponsors for Your Event or Project (Case Study: Global Konsult Group’s UMB Pageant in Cotonou)

If you’re looking for sponsors for your event or project, Global Konsult Group (GKG)’s Universities Most Beautiful (UMB) pageant inside story offers useful insights. This report offer insights you can use, based on a study of the GKG team’s success in winning eager followers, fans and sponsors for its flagship pageant.

Click here to request the FULL PDF of this special report (or contact Barr. NANA Arnold via contact at globalkonsultgroup dot com for a copy).



GKG is a Cotonou, Benin Republic based multidisciplinary company that supports start-ups and existing businesses with a variety of useful solutions. The CEO, NANA Arnold is also a director of the English arm of a 22 year old private university in Benin Republic – UPIB (see

Nana, as most people call him is a bilingual Cameroonian who is married to a Nigerian lady, with kids, and who has lived and worked in Cotonou for over six years now. A practising legal consultant, who obtained his first degree from a Cameroonian University, he nurses an enduring passion for developing youthful talent wherever he goes.

That passion led him to start-up the UMB in 2014, and from that small beginning it is rapidly growing into an Oak of sorts, that’s attracting lots of positive attention for the GKG brand, to the extent that they are being courted actively, by sponsors and prospective partners of all kinds both locally and internationally.

This year his company will host the 2nd edition of their University pageant.

For the maiden edition, they sent out MANY letters to potential sponsors. Most never responded.

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University Without Tears

I want to help you (and/or your child) KNOW where to go.

Not all universities are accredited or equipped to offer every course.

Sadly, some university administrators are taking on courses they lack the qualifications and/or resources to competently deliver value to students.

Yet they make students pay substantial sums for 3 or more years, only to learn it was a waste.

You need to choose wisely - and that requires knowing what to look for. I can help you with that.

This is important because it would be a disaster to spend 4 years in a private university only to get back to find your qualification is not recognized!

Click here to continue reading on the website of the International University & Polytechnic of Benin, where I serve as a Director of Admissions (browser opens in a new window).


Barr. Nana has been interviewed by the press, and also had many of his activities as well as those of his organizations (e.g. Global Konsult Group's UMB pageant, International University & Polytechnic of Benin).

Click here to view a listing of some press clippings...

Nana says:

"One of my strategic objectives is to regularly collaborate with public service minded media organisations to deliever valuable information and education to my target audience.

As a seasoned professional in my various areas of expertise, I am very aware of many improvements that need to be implemented to protect the rights and interest of average citizens.

Not everyone will be financially comfortable or socially connected at a level where s/he can adequately avoid being unfairly treated or even denied of what should be his/her right.

The links on my website offer details of the specific areas of focus I have in mind. On each page I have highlighted the burning issuses that need intervention - in the private university market, the legal aid and also the African leadership aspects.

Are you a member of the press?

Do you seek a competent expert to write (in your media columns), speak (at your meeting or event) or be interviewed (in your print medium or your radio/tv show) on the topics mentioned above?

If yes, you're in the right place.

Click here to get in touch with me now, with details of your specific needs or interest."

Why You Need to Hire a Bilingual Legal Expert (3 Reasons)

This write-up assumes you will observe due diligence by verifying foreign language skills competence of a provider you hire e.g. via assessment testing.

We are looking at a professionally competent bilingual legal expert who speaks, reads and writes fluently in your preferred two languages - one being foreign e.g. French, English, Spanish, Italian etc.

A bilingual may not necessarily have received professional training to function as an interpreter or translator. Having said that, many times your needs are unlikely to go above an experienced bilingual legal service provider’s level of competence.

Here’s what you get:

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Nana is the CEO of Global Konsult Group, organizers of the Annual UMB Pageant. Visit
Watch out for the 2015 Universities Most Beautiful(UMB) Pageant! Join
Wednesday the 25th. (C)