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Published Date Written by Arnold Nana Kouayep

If you want to succeed in business or life, you need help from a mentor who has gone ahead of you, and who knows what it takes. Nana's one on one life/business mentoring offers you access to his years of experience based wisdom.

You WILL Learn:

a. How to raise the finance need for your business

b. Simple steps for putting together a winning business plan

c. Smart techniques for managing your cash flow successfully

d. How to find the right (business) partner

e. Techniques for staff recruitment and retention etc.

But you MUST qualify to work with Nana i.e You must demonstrate to him that you have what it takes to do what he tells you, how he tells you, so you can get the results you want i.e. success.

To find out if you qualify for his mentoring, therefore, Nana has a special "test" you must pass. If you're keen, send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and then call +229-96004538 to book an appointment to speak with him about what is required to take that test.

NB: Nana offers MORE than just mentoring. Join his Mentoring Club and you'll get IT ALL - for much LESS. Below is a personal message from YOU:


Thanks for your interest in my Mentoring Club. You may be considering it for yourself, and/or a friend or loved one. Whichever is the case, I assure you, it's a step in the right direction.

I am keen to make a reliable and lasting impact in the lives of my target audience.

Africa needs COMPETENT people driven with passion to implement progressive ideas and changes that can IMPROVE the lives and fortunes of others. Your age does not matter. As long as you have identified that I can help you, then my Mentoring Club is a good place to begin from.

What I've accomplished in my academic, business and professional life - including many I've helped to fulfil their dreams in the past - make me the kind of person you want to have direct, unrestricted access to.

So, read through the terms below to understand steps you need to take, to join my Mentoring Club.

There are two levels. What you have below are the requirements for BASIC level membership.

First time contacts are advised to start from this level. As the relationship progresses, you will know enough to decide if you want to signup for the ADVANCED level membership.

JOINING THE Mentoring Club

Payment of $25 US dollars (equivalent) gets you a basic membership access to my Mentoring Club - FOR LIFE. [NB: Higher levels of club membership are available, with superior benefits. For details email nana at nanaarnold dot com]

Here's what Basic Membership of my Mentoring Club gives you:

All services I offer via this website become available to you as a member of my Mentoring Club, based on the following terms, which non-members cannot get without paying $20 US dollars or more.

a. Email access to me for FREE coaching or consultancy twice per month every month.

b. Phone access to me for FREE coaching or consultancy for 15 minutes per month every month.

c. In-person, or face to face access to me for FREE coaching or consultancy for 30 minutes per month - on appointment.

d. FREE or low fee Legal Assistance (Terms apply).

e. 5 to 50% discount to attend my learning events or buy any of my digital books or products (e.g. MP3s, Videos etc) that will be offered from time to time.

f. And other offers that will be announced via exclusive email, and bulk SMS broadcasts to Mentoring Club members only.

WHY THE Mentoring Club?

I want to make a difference in the lives of people who are SERIOUS about achieving worthwhile goals in life.

There is no room in my work at, for people who are just curious. I and my team are on a mission.

We are determined to have REAL PROGRESS to show and demonstrate to others.

And that's why we want ONLY people who are willing to make an INVESTMENT in themselves to join us.

Membership Is Open to a Global Audience

It is my intention to GROW my Mentoring Club in such a way that it becomes a channel through which life changing improvements can be impact on the larger society.

You do not need to be physically resident in the same community, country or even continent to become a member of this group. That;s the beauty of the Internet.

If you're serious about making the most of yourself in life, you're the kind of person we're looking for!

So, if this appeals to you, click the link below for details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You Must Be Diligent & Committed to Making Personal Progress Towards Your Goals!

Note however that I insist on seeing members make effort and progress (with support I give)

Have no doubts about it. If you join my Mentoring Club, you WILL be challenged to show results and progress, based on the interests you indicate you have.

Those who refuse to display satisfactory levels of diligent commitment, to use what they get from me to transform their lives, will be asked to leave.

Are you ready to be challenged, and supported, to achieve your most valued goals in life - by someone who has helped others do just that?

If yes, then click here to submit your request to join my Mentoring Club.

I look forward to welcoming you!

Nana Arnold

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