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Published Date Written by Arnold Nana Kouayep

I've been a practising Jurist Expert/Legal Consultant for years (Read my "About page" for details of my background and qualifications). During this time, I have gained international level experience serving individuals, groups and even larger multinational organisations.

This puts me in a unique position to serve - and help - many people from different walks of life. And that's what I've done all through my career till now.

Do you need legal aid? I may be able to help you - and easily too.

1. Whether You Are English or French Speaking, I Can Help YOU!

Whether you speak, read or write ONLY English or ONLY French, it will not matter to me. I communicate fluently in both languages.

As a bilingual professional, my clients, friends and associates have found me to be an invaluable asset to them, in their business and personal lives.


In taking up the legal aid I offer on this page, I encourage you to join my Inner Circle and you'll gain access to the same benefits they already enjoy.

A. Bilingual Legal Aid for Limited Income Earners or the Disadvantaged

I'm keen on rights protection and education. Anytime I learn someone got cheated or exploited, I offer to help. Do you or someone you know need help? Email me via nana at nanaarnold dot com.

To Connect with me - Join my Inner Circle!

To protect myself, I strive to establish relationships with people who I offer help.

If you feel you may need help of this kind from me, I suggest you aim to connect with me by becoming a member of my inner circle.

Social media WILL NOT serve the same purpose. Even though we will also connect via that channel.

I have to get to know you better than that. You will agree with me that it's often easier to support someone that is already known, than a complete stranger.

B. Bilingual Legal Aid for Business Persons or Organisations

The world has grown much smaller in the past decade. The Internet makes it easier and less expensive for business focuses individuals and organisations to offer their products and services across borders.

What happens when the English speaking owner of a company wishes to establish marketing partnerships in a francophone nation?

Except s/he is lucky to link up with partners who are bilingual, communication can become a major limitation to achieving that important goal.

That's why, as a bilingual legal consultant, I have for years been found a valuable addition to the arsenal of my clients.

When contracts or other documents need to be drawn up/interpreted in either English or French, ready access to me has always been a convenience highly cherished by those I serve.

Again, it is possible you may have such business related needs.

Joining my Inner Circle entitles you instantly to certain Pro Bono services.

And then hiring me for other formal projects will be at discounted rates available ONLY to members.

2. You Have Much To Gain, And Absolutely Nothing To Lose.

And by the way, even if you do not currently need it, you would be wise to establish the relationship with me now.

So much value will be on offer in form of useful information and education I will periodically send out to members, and also on the general website.

By connecting with me now, you make it easier to request access to my services when eventually you need it.

Like I always tell people, relationships are everything. If I know you now, it will be easier for us to work together in future.

So much uncertainty will have been taken out of the way.

And that can be a valuable advantage if/when an urgent need to engage my services comes up!

3. My Public Service Code of Ethics

Lastly, as a lawyer, I subscribe to a code of ethics, which requires that I use my legal expertise for the public good ("Pro bono public").

People who are in need or who are disadvantaged are basically those I offer this service to.

Others who I assess to be competent can however also benefit from discounted access to my services by joining my Inner Circle.

NB: My Legal Aid Service is a personal, voluntary service on my part. Therefore, anyone reading this would be advised not to ask the same of any other legal professional!


Click here to fill this request form, for an appointment with me, and I'll get back to you.

Remember - especially if you're interested in the business related service - that you will be better off joining my Inner Circle - to benefit from discounted rates and other FREE services. Click here to learn about my multidisciplinary company - Global Konsult Group.

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