Who is Arnold Nana Kouayep?

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As a bilingual Jurist Expert and legal consultant, I have a passion for protecting people's rights to quality education, fair treatment, and equal opportunities.

I graduated from a prominent university in Cameroon with an LLB, and later obtained my LLM, and currently have my PhD and MBA in view.

For over 12 years, I have been happily married to a beautiful Nigerian lady, with 4 beautiful children.

Along with Victor Ogar, my partner, I run the English arm of UPIB (Universite Polytechnique Internationale Du Benin) – a leading private university in Benin Republic.

I am also the CEO of Global Konsult Group, a a multidisciplinary company, which specializes in helping locals and expatriates startup and run their businesses in Benin Republic.

My other interests include a bar and restaurant business - which I'm currently working to develop a new concept for.

So, how did I venture into providing university level education as a service?

Here's how it happened...

Frankly I was never prepared for education. But in 2009, after working for a while there, I left Nigeria to Benin.

A friend invited me to lecture at a university he presided over.

It was tasking, as I had to go back to my notes to prepare for the classes. And the pay was not very great.

But I found out it was fun to teach what you know, and it made me understand what my own teachers felt.

Passion can make a world of difference. And those I taught felt it!

The gratitude I got from the students was something that moved me greatly, and eventually it made me develop interest in education.

At the same time, however, I never dropped my legal consulting business - choosing instead to do it alongside the educational service I provided.

During my time teaching students, I began to feel great concern for their welfare.

Spending 3 to 5 years studying for a degree is not easy.

So when I made the startling discovery that some institutions which were not accredited to offer B.Sc programs were awarding certificates to unknowing students, I was upset.

The latter - mostly Nigerian students - later returned home to be told their hard earned money and years of study were wasted.

The schools they had finished from were not recognised by the ministry of education!

I realised that whatthese phony schools were doing was simply cruel, and even criminal!

So, I decided to do something - along with Mr. Victor Ogah, my partner, to stop the abuse.

Today, in my role as the Director of Admissions and Administration of the English arm of UPIB, we're forging ahead in our campaign to give students good value for their money.

If you are a parent or student willing to identify with our cause, get in touch to learn more.

This website offers useful information - including my special report titled "10 Important Criteria for Choosing the RIGHT University - FREE PDF"


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